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Western style units in Phnom Penh
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  • 1. What is a Serviced Apartment?

    A serviced apartment is the perfect combination between renting an apartment and staying in a hotel.

    You can have an experience with the convenience and freedom of staying in a luxury fully furnished apartment, whilst also having the comfort of a hotel, including a maid and fresh linen/towel service, free wireless broadband, and an emergency on call service.

  • 2. What are your apartments like?

    Residences DK is a new serviced apartment*, located in the heart of Phnom Penh.

    Opened since January 15th 2016, this western style apartment is very accessible to any means of transportations.

    Situated near the S21 Museum, Olympic Stadium, Russian market and Olympic market, it is surrounded by interesting places.

    Its style is very original and diverse in terms of comfort, functionality, design and originality. It regroups various styles such as Japanese, Italian and Swedish.

    Residences DK introduces Asian culture to European culture within its interior design. It adds old fashioned staples to give a more sophisticated and cozy feel.

    Our serviced apartment respects the environment and has a lot of plants. And complies with the most complex security (fire security, physical security, electronic security and electric security).

    The staff, well trained and welcoming, is here to make your stay here as comfortable and efficient as possible.

  • 3. What do you provide in the units?

    In General, There are :


    4-Blankets and its cover
    5-safety box

    Living room:

    6-Exstinguisher set
    7-Fire security suitcase
    8- Furniture
    9- Fiber optic Wi-Fi
    10-LCD Screen
    11- Cable TV
    12-Air Con
    15-Semi-precious stone


    17- System hot Water

    18-One set of accessory
    19-Bath mat


    20-Kitchenware (knives, spoons, pan, pot, tea cups, vine glasses)
    24-Cook hood
    25-Gas cooking appliance
    26- Gas bottle

    Fire Securiy System in the Unit:

    27-One set of Extinguishers
    28-One set of fire accessory suitcase
    30-Gas detector


    31-Houskeeping once a week (cleaning without changing sheets)


    32-Physical security: 24/7
    33-Fire Security System
    34-Electronical Security 24/7 (35 cameras)


    35-Motorcycles and bicycles


    36- Washing machine station
    37-common dustbin
    39-Community garden (block B)
    40-Meeting room (block B)
    41-Water filter
    43-AVR (Automatic voltage regulator)
    44-35m3 water tank (water cut)
    45-Lighting rod (50m diameter)
    46-Reception services 7/7
    47-Arrangements: external Laundry services-TukTuk and Taxi- to find a parking for cars.

  • 4. Is there parking available?

    Yes, but only for motorcycles and bicycles with some conditions:


    1- No motorcycle or bicycle shall obstruct a drive or in any way interfere with others’ access thereto, nor shall they be parked on, walkways and corridor of buildings.

    Bicycles may not be brought into the premises without prior consent of Landlord. Motorcycles shall not be repaired, lubricated, or washed on driveways or in parking areas of the premises.

    Any motorcycles of Tenant or of Tenants’ guests or invitees that leak oil or hydraulic fluid (which damage blacktop) must be removed, and Tenant is responsible for any cleanup (including environmental cleanup, and repair)


    2- Resident shall only use assigned parking spaces and shall ensure that their guests park only in unassigned areas or designated guest parking at all times,

    and will not park in another resident’s designated parking space. Motorcycles/bicycles parking in unauthorized areas or in another resident’s space may be towed away at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.


    3- Inoperable, abandoned, unregistered vehicles or vehicles leaking fluids are subject to tow pursuant the traffic police.

    4- All motorcycles/bicycles on the premises must be operational, registered, insured and free from leaking fluids. There shall be no vehicle repairs or maintenance performed, nor any washing of vehicles, on or about the premises.


    5- Resident shall keep, maintain or allow to remain on the premises for non-limited period, any non-working, inoperable or non-functioning motorcycles/bicycles of any kind.


    • We have car parking not far from the residences and will cost you 40$/month.
  • 5. Am I allowed to bring pets?

    Unless modified by the Lease, animals (except granted by landlord) are not allowed in the unit at any time, under any circumstance, except for legally authorized guide dogs.

    The following shall apply to a violation of this policy:FIRST VIOLATION: A warning will he issued to the Tenant specifying the complaint, a $100.00 charge will be assessed against the Tenant, and Landlord may, in its discretion, declare the Lease to be in default.

    SECOND VIOLATION: Upon a second violation, a $250.00 per day charge will be assessed the Tenant and the Landlord will declare the Lease to be in default.

  • 6. Am I allowed to smoke?

    RESIDENCES DK is a smoke free environment outside. Smoking of tobacco products is not permitted on the premises.

  • 7. How do I make a reservation?

    You can make a reservation with ours apartments by visiting our place or booking online with or Airbnb.

  • 8. What is your cancellation policy?

    Sorry, there is no refund.

  • 9. How do you manage the safety?

    1- Security is the responsibility of each resident inside the apartment. Landlord assumes responsibility or liability of security means and prevention, unless otherwise provided by law,

    for residents’ and guests’ safety, or for injury or damage caused by the criminal acts of other persons. Landlord does not provide private protection services for Residents.


    2- Resident shall ensure that all doors are locked during resident’s absence.


    3- Resident shall ensure that all appliances be turned off before leaving the unit.


    4- When leaving for an extended period, resident shall notify landlord how long resident will be away.


    5- Prior to any planned absence, resident shall give landlord authority to allow entry into unit to any person or provide landlord with the name of any person or entity permitted

    by resident to enter unit.


    6- Smoking in bed is prohibited.


    7- The use or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvent or other combustibles in the unit is prohibited.


    8- The use of charcoal barbecues is prohibited unless consent is obtained from the landlord.


    9- Resident shall ensure that no personal belongings which can be put in the safety box, including bicycles, play equipment or other items, are left in the halls, stairways,

    or about the building unattended.


    10-Tenants will not obstruct entrances, public areas, hallways or other corridors, stairs, exits, elevators, lobbies, driveways, parking areas, walks, or fire escapes.

  • 10. How often will the apartment be cleaned?

    If you stay monthly, we provide cleaning service once per week.

    If you stay daily or weekly, we can provide cleaning service everyday.

  • 11. Do you provide bedding or towels?

    Yes. Full compliment of bedding and towels on arrival.

  • 12. Where do i check-in and check-out?

    you check in and out in lobby.

    before you check out, we need you to wait for us to check your room first.

    but if you come to live in monthly. you have make a contract with property owner and we have to check the room you will

    stay before you check in or out.

    Note: Checking in Time start from 7:00 am to 9 pm. Checking out Time start from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

  • 13. Can i expend my stay?

    Yes, You can. But you will also be required to return to lobby first to check if your room is available in the future or not.

    if not, you have to choose whether you want to live in the new room or not.

  • 14. How long can I stay?

    You can stay for one night or as long as you wish.

  • 15. What payment methods do you accept?

    You can pay directly with receptionist or bank transfer when you book with Airbnb.

  • 16. Is it possible to view an apartment before I book?

    Of course,  Yes.

    You can come to ours residences or take appointment by phone or Facebook message for to see ours different units.

  • 17. How many people can stay in your apartments?

    For one-bedroom-apartment, we allow 2 people to stay.

    For two-bedroom-apartment, we allow 4 people to stay.

    you can ask for permission for more people to stay but an extra charge will be applied.

  • 18. Are these photos of the actual apartments?

    Yes, they are. The photos on the website are representative of apartments at the location.

  • 19. What happens if I have a problem in the apartment?

    Every apartment has an on-call duty manager to take care of any unexpected problems.

  • 20. What phone numbers should i call if i want contact for your apartment?

    You can call us on:

    +855(0) 23 213 658

    +855(0) 23 215 152

    +855(0) 17 750 076


  • 21. Is there any transportation services from airport to your apartment?

    We provide service call for a taxi and tuk tuk for bring you anywhere you want.

  • 22. Are there any markets or visiting places around your apartment?

    There are many of those such as Olympic market, Russian market, Olympic stadium , Tuol Sleng genocide museum (S21).

  • 23. Do I have to sign a contract?

    You have to sign a contract if you want to stay in our apartment monthly.

    If you just stay for a few days or a week, You don't have to.

  • 24. If i damage the apartment.

    Tenants will be held responsible for any damages to their apartment, the building or to the common areas caused by themselves or their guests.