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This agreement is an addendum and incorporated by reference into the Rental Home Agreement between Landlord and Resident. Landlord may adopt new rules and regulations or amendments to those rules without period notice.These rules and any changes or amendments have a legitimate purpose and are not intended to be arbitrary or work as a substantial modification of resident’s rights. They will be equally enforced, Resident is responsible for the conduct of all guests and the adherence to these rules and regulations at all times. To benefit all residents and to insure proper use of both the rented premises and the entire building, Tenants agree to comply with the following Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations are part of Tenants’ Lease.

The reception starts from 7 am to 6 pm and 7/7.


1- Tenants will use the premises for residential purposes only; will not conduct any business (except allowed by owner) in or from their premises; will obey all laws, ordinances, and health; regulations; and will do nothing that may injure the reputation or condition of the building or its owner. Solicitation of any kind, by guests is prohibited at all times.

2- Except for controls in Tenants’ premises, intended for Tenants’ use, Tenants will not operate any other controls relating to the building’s utility services without the expressed, written, prior approval of Landlord. This includes but is not limited to air conditioning, water and sewer, gas, electric (including lighting), elevators, laundry, or other equipment, and Tenants will not enter the mechanical zones (Electricity, lift, generator, water tanks).

3- Tenants will act reasonably to conserve water and energy at the common zone, and will report running toilets and faucets to Landlord for service.

4- Unless expressly permitted by Landlord in writing, Tenants shall not display any signs, flags, pennants, placards, advertisements, notices, pictures, ornaments, stickers, handbills, or other lettering so as to be visible on the outside of the building or the premises.


1- Residents shall not make or allow any disturbing noises in the unit by Resident, family or guests, nor permit anything by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other persons. All abusive, disorderly, violent, or harassing conduct by a Tenant, including but not limited to abusive and/or foul language, sexually explicit comments toward tenants, occupants, or management is prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of tenancy. Likewise, vandalism of any kind by a Tenant on or to Landlord’s property is prohibited.

2- Resident shall ensure that all musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, etc., are played at a volume which will not disturb other persons or residents.

3- Resident is responsible for the activities and conduct of Resident, occupants of their unit and their guests, including behavior within their unit, outside of the unit, on the common grounds, parking areas, or any recreation facilities. The activities and conduct or Resident and Resident’s guests shall not annoy or disturb other persons or residents.

4- No lounging, visiting or loud talking that may be disturbing to other Residents will be allowed in the common areas between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.


1- Tenants will perform reasonable housekeeping in their unit which must be kept clean, neat, sanitary condition and free from objectionable odors at all times.

2- Resident shall not permit the littering of papers, cigarette butts or trash in and around the unit.

3- Resident shall ensure that no trash or other materials are accumulated which will cause a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety or regulation.

4- Resident shall ensure that garbage is placed inside the containers provided and lids should not be slammed. Garbage should not be allowed to accumulate and should be placed in the outside containers on a daily basis. Items too large to fit in the trash containers should not be placed adjacent to the containers. Resident shall not dispose of any combustible or hazardous material in the trash containers or bins. Such items will be deemed to be a nuisance and must be disposed of properly by the Resident in accordance with State and local laws.

5- Resident may not leave items in the hallways or other common areas. All furniture must be kept inside the unit. Unsightly items must be kept out of vision.

6- Clothing, curtains, rugs, etc., shall not be shaken or hung outside of any window, ledge, or balcony.

7- No motorcycles or bicycles washing or these repairs are allowed at the property.


1- Security is the responsibility of each Resident inside the apartment. Landlord assumes responsibility or liability of security means and prevention, unless otherwise provided by law, for Residents’ and guests’ safety, or for injury or damage caused by the criminal acts of other persons. Landlord does not provide private protection services for Residents.

2- Resident shall ensure that all doors are locked during Resident’s absence.

3- Resident shall ensure that all appliances be turned off before leaving the unit.

4- When leaving for an extended period, resident shall notify Landlord how long Resident will be away.

5- Prior to any planned absence, Resident shall give Landlord authority to allow entry into unit to any person or provide Landlord with the name of any person or entity permitted by Resident to enter unit.

6- Smoking in bed is prohibited.

7- The use or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvent or other combustibles in the unit is prohibited.

8- The use of charcoal barbecues is prohibited unless consent is obtained from the Landlord.

9- Resident shall ensure that no personal belongings which can be put in the safety box, including bicycles, play equipment or other items, are left in the halls, stairways, or about the building unattended.

10-Tenants will not obstruct entrances, public areas, hallways or other corridors, stairs, exits, elevators, lobbies, driveways, parking areas, walks, or fire escapes.


Unless modified by the Lease, animals (except granted by landlord) are not allowed in the unit at any time, under any circumstance, except for legally authorized guide dogs. The following shall apply to a violation of this policy:FIRST VIOLATION: A warning will he issued to the Tenant specifying the complaint, a $100.00 charge will be assessed against the Tenant, and Landlord may, in its discretion, declare the Lease to be in default.
SECOND VIOLATION: Upon a second violation, a $250.00 per day charge will be assessed the Tenant and the Landlord will declare the Lease to be in default.

In the event of guest’s visits, the tenant must come down to receive them.

1- Tenants are responsible for the behavior of any and all of their guests, visitors, and invitees. Such persons may not break Tenants’ Lease or these Rules and Regulations. Tenants are responsible to pay for any damages or clean-up resulting from the conduct of their guests, visitors, and invitees.If you want to meet with your friends numbering more than the above limits, you can meet at the community garden located in the roof top of building. However, please be aware that no alcoholic drinks are allowed in the common zone, like corridors, stairs, lobby, or any other public areas of the property.

2- The Landlord acknowledges the right of any Tenant to entertain friends and to have guests in their unit; including the above limit on the number of persons allowed in each apartment. Tenants and guests of Tenants shall at all times maintain order in the unit and all areas on RESIDENCES DK. Guests shall not take part in or permit any loud, improper, or unruly conduct, or otherwise disturb the comfort of, or interrupt the sleep of, any other Residences DK resident or guest.


1- Tenants will keep/store any personal property only in their premises or in such space as Landlord may assign them in writing, but storage of kerosene, gasoline, or other flammable or explosive agents is always prohibited. Landlord is not responsible for any items left in the premises at the end of the Lease.

2- RESIDENCES DK is a smoke free environment outside. So, so smoking of tobacco products is not permitted on the premises. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by those under the age of 18 years is illegal and will not be tolerated by the management.

3- If a resident, family member or a guest under the age of 18 one is found to be drinking in the apartment or in the building, the building staff will not only report the incidence of drinking by a minor to the police, but will also report to the police, any person over the age of twenty one who is believed to be giving alcoholic beverages to such minor. Drinking of alcoholic beverages by those over the age of 18 is only permitted in their own apartment, provided that in the case of double occupancy units, both of the residents are over 18 years of age.

4- No drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the common area, and carrying of open containers of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the building. Any illegal activity within the apartment or the common areas committed by a resident, or their guests, including taking of illegal drugs, including marijuana will be cause for eviction of Tenant by Landlord, and will be reported to the Police as well. Tenants will not advertise or permit the advertising of the premises as a place for holding a public function, or a party, unless such function is approved by the management, held in the recreation building or the pool area, and is subject to strict supervision by the management staff complies with fire department restrictions regarding the number of people that may occupy the recreation building.

5- Possession, sale, or use of any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia in the premises or the building is prohibited.

No gambling; No prostitution; No gun; No violence; No drugs; No illegal activities, which are strictly punished by the laws and Regulations of Nation, Religion, King of Cambodia and rental agreement.


1- Tenants will use toilets, and sinks only for their primary purpose and will never use them to dispose of sweepings, rubbish, rags, garbage, sanitary napkins, or other items likely to clog them. Tenants are liable to pay Landlord for any expense it incurs for repairing damage (including unclogging toilets and drains) caused by Tenants, their guests, or invitees

2- Tenants will not varnish, paint, paper, or otherwise decorate any walls, floors, doors, woodwork, or cabinets without prior written permission of Landlord. All restoration costs (even if decoration was with permission) will be at tenants’ expense, but must be supervised by Landlord.

3- Tenants will not add or in any way change locks or keying.

4- Possessing, using, or storing lethal weapons anywhere in the building is prohibited.
“Lethal weapon” is defined as any deadly weapon which, from the manner used, is calculated or likely to produce death or serious bodily injury. This includes, but is not limited to: all firearms, hunting knives, switchblades, bows and arrows, machetes, or other knives.

5- Use of foil and other similar unsightly materials over windows is strictly prohibited. Windows and doors shall not be obstructed. Landlord provides blinds on windows and such blinds will not be removed. If Tenant installs draperies over the blinds, any damage will be repaired or removed by Tenant or at Tenant’s expense. Damage to property, including but not limited to paint, plaster, cabinets, carpets, floors, furniture or damage to any part of the Premise resulting from failure caused by leaving windows or doors open during inclement weather will be the responsibility of the Tenant.

6- Tenants will not drive any nails or screws into walls, floors, tiles, ceilings, woodwork, or partitions; will not drill holes or fasten any article on any part of the premises, or damage or deface the same. Pictures may be hung, provided that only small size “a” type “Bulldog” type hangers or push pins are used. Use of tape, glue, or adhesive of any kind is not permitted. Nothing, including clothes, towels, pictures, or any other item, shall be hung 2 from ceilings, pipes, sprinklers, or any fixtures of the premises.

7- No furnishings may be taken from the premises and put in halls, or on porches or balconies without prior consent of Landlord, even for limited times. No blinds, shades, or screens shall be attached to, hung in, or used in connection with any window or door of the premises without prior written consent from Landlord.

8- Waterbeds and weight lifting equipment are prohibited at all times. Air conditioners, microwave or other ovens, hot plates, washers, dryers, and refrigerators beyond those supplied by Landlord are prohibited without prior written permission of Landlord.


1- Landlord provides light bulbs for all fixtures at the beginning of the Lease term. Tenants will replace light bulbs in all lighting fixtures in the premises during the Lease term, and will leave working light bulbs in all lighting fixtures at the end of the Lease.

2- Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, shall be responsible for replacement of all interior light bulbs and tubes. All bulbs and tubes must be operational at the time the Tenant vacates the Premise.


All trash and garbage will be placed in receptacles in locations designated by Landlord. Tenant agrees to cause trash and refuse to be deposited directly into such dumpsters and not left in the units or in the common area, hallways or similar places. Tenant may be charged for removal of trash from outside their door or apartment. Tenant is responsible for cleanliness of area in front of their apartment and for any common area used by Tenant or their guest. If Landlord cleans cigarette butts from the common areas outside an apartment, a cleaning fee of $25.00 per occurrence may be assessed. Landlord reserves the right to impose a reasonable fine for any violation of this provision as well as for any littering by tenant.


No radio wires, television or other aerials or any other objects whatsoever shall be attached to the roof or exterior of any building without written permission from Landlord.


Tenants will be held responsible for any damages to their apartment or to the building, or to the common areas caused by themselves or their guests.

13- ROOF

Residents are not permitted to go on any roof of any building at any time.


Dart boards are not permitted in the apartments. The repair of all areas around a dartboard will easily cost over $100.00. If a dartboard is found, you will be asked to remove it immediately. If it is discovered a second time, your apartment will be assessed $100.00. Payment of the fine is required.


1- The following are prohibited in the residences: halogen lamps; overloaded electrical, damaged or non-UL approved cords; unsafe placement of cords or improper use of electrical items; obstruction of sprinklers; obstruction of room door or windows; ceiling hangings or other decorations which are flammable or otherwise could contribute to fire spread; paper or other combustibles (including hats, scarves) hung on or near incandescent fixtures; use of any open flame device (candles, etc, burning of incense, possession/use of fireworks, or other explosives, possession/storage of gasoline or other fuels/flammable chemicals; damaging or tampering with fire safety equipment (smoke detectors, extinguishers, fire horns, etc.); dismantling or otherwise interfering with exit signs; blocking open or otherwise interfering with the intended smoke-barrier purpose of fire doors; blocking hallways or building exits; failure to evacuate according to designated procedures during a building alarm and/or failure to follow instructions of building staff or fire safety personnel; false report of fire or other dangerous conditions (bomb threats, etc.); activating false alarms. Being responsible for a malicious or intentional false fire alarm will result in termination of your lease and eviction from the building, and possible criminal prosecution.

2- Tenants will not do anything or keep anything in or about the premises that in any way will increase the risk of fire or that may conflict with fire or insurance regulations.


1- GAS DETECTOR is placed on the ceiling, for example, all kind of smoke can automatically lead to alert. Tenants will not remove batteries from smoke detector or in any other way disarm them.

2- SPRINKLER is place on the ceiling above the kitchen, fire can automatically spray the chemical product in order to stop fire.

3- ONE SET OF FIRE EXTIGUISHERS AND SAFETY SUITCASE: It is placed in its open armoire, it must be ready to reach and visible in case of urgent situation. It cannot be placed in a hidden places or locked.

FIRE HOSE REAL is installed on each corridor floor

More than 30 cameras which are filming every second of each movement.

Guardians keep apartments safe 24/24 and 7/7. Without order, no one can enter inside the apartment.


1- If the unit is supplied with smoke detection device(s) upon occupancy, it shall be the responsibility of the Resident to regularly test the detector(s) to ensure that the device(s) is/are in operable condition. The Resident will inform Landlord immediately, in writing, of any defect, malfunction or failure of such smoke detector(s), Resident is responsible to replace smoke detector batteries, if any, as needed unless otherwise provided by law.

2- Resident shall advise Landlord, in writing, of any items requiring repair (dripping faucets, light switches, etc.). Notification should be immediate in an emergency or, for normal problems, within business hours. Repair requests should be made as soon as the defect is noted.

3- Service requests should be made in writing, addressed and delivered to Landlord, and not directly to maintenance personnel.

4- Costs of repair or clearance of stoppages in waste pipes or drains, water pipes or plumbing fixtures caused by Residents’ negligence or improper usage are the responsibility of the Resident. Payment for corrective action must be paid immediately by Resident upon demand by Landlord.

5- Resident shall make no alterations or improvements without the consent of Landlord, including painting or wallpaper, shelving or flooring. Any article attached to the woodwork, walls, floors or ceilings shall be the sole responsibility of the Resident. Resident shall be liable for any repairs necessary during or after residency to restore premises to the original condition. Glue or tape shall not be used to affix pictures or decorations.

6- Maintenance requests shall be submitted in writing to Landlord. Specifics of the problem, to the extent possible, shall be included in the request.
Tenants are strictly liable to reimburse Landlord for repair of any damage caused by violation of any of these Rules by Tenants or by their guests.
We, the undersigned, state that we have received these Rules and Regulations, that we have had a chance to read them, and that we understand them. We understand that these Rules are a part of our Lease, and we agree to comply fully with all of the requirements of our Lease, including these Rules, Regulations and Management Policy


1- No motorcycle or bicycle shall obstruct a drive or in any way interfere with others’ access thereto, nor shall they be parked on, walkways and corridor of buildings. Bicycles may not be brought into the premises without prior consent of Landlord. Motorcycles shall not be repaired, lubricated, or washed on driveways or in parking areas of the premises. Any motorcycles of Tenant or of Tenants’ guests or invitees that leak oil or hydraulic fluid (which damage blacktop) must be removed, and Tenant is responsible for any cleanup (including environmental cleanup, and repair)

2- Resident shall only use assigned parking spaces and shall ensure that their guests park only in unassigned areas or designated guest parking at all times, and will not park in another resident’s designated parking space. Motorcycles/bicycles parking in unauthorized areas or in another resident’s space may be towed away at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.

3- Inoperable, abandoned, unregistered vehicles or vehicles leaking fluids are subject to tow pursuant the traffic police.

4- All motorcycles/bicycles on the premises must be operational, registered, insured and free from leaking fluids. There shall be no vehicle repairs or maintenance performed nor any washing of vehicles, on or about the premises.

5- Resident shall keep, maintain or allow to remain on the premises for non-limited period, any non-working, inoperable or non-functioning motorcycles/bicycles of any kind.